Thursday, July 16, 2009

This day

Syang, mama pnatlah hari nie.... Erm pagi tadi kene panggil dngan principal, he's asking why the payment certificate of payment are late issue to LCL??? So pagi nie aku just answers what he want to know, the truth ok. Just said it give to me on monday 6th july, already finish preparing but need to wait for the M&E certificate, their agreed amount. So i ask LCL to chase, until 13th i just get the figure. So then others issue coming on the discrepency of units, just hadap jerlah bos aku nie, erm perut pun dah rasa agak tegang. Anyway i'm good on answering back thats why he just dislike my way of answers, he's dislike people to answers his back. Anyway bos i'm just protecting myself, blaming others also not a good attitude. Stay firm is the best options. i've learn this through my working experience, theres a time they will bullied you back and on that time u just need to know which stands you on. Be protected!!

this claim, this headache

So tak tau knapa this week aku kuat mkn chocolate, erm maybe coz of the working stress. Just enjoying my self. Aper2 pun baby sukakan?? So hri nie dapat rasa movement baby, so agak senak perut ketika ini, aper lagi aku akan selalu usap perut, bagi baby rasa my touch. Smalm husband ader beli play station yg merupakan toplist priority dia. So skrg dah mula addicted on that, takperlah lagipun dah lama dia mengidam that things. Hari nie nak balik awal coz nak pie pasar malam, nak beli brg basah sikit, mcm ikan, daging & ayam , sayur utk buat stok masak next week.

sodapnyer kan baby

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