Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Miss You & Happy Besday Bro

my bro wearing t-shirt hitam, yg berdiri

Siapa dia yg aku rindu??? Aku rindukan abg ku (memakai baju hitam), he is my bro and the only bro that still alive in my siblings. Our age gap just only one year. We are close, so close when in the kids age, nakal same2, main sama2, main kapal angkasa dalam terowong, mandi dalam parit dpan umah, main basikal, aper pun bersama. Yup masa sekolah rendah we are both top students in school. Siapa tak kenal Azlan Shah (nerd boy ketika itu) ??? Siapa tak kenal adik dia?? Yup kami sling terkenal until dia msuk asrama ketika darjah 4, aku dah tak der abg, no time together anymore. Bro i miss that time!!

Then we all masuk boarding school, dia masuk MCKK aku msuk MRSM, time tue we still close, but that "things" ruins our relationship. We become strangers although we are siblings. We totally become different already. How?? Why?? But i'm still his little sisters. But with huge different, theres a barrier that make us not trying to become that old siblings. After mak meninggal abg dah berhijrah ke United Kingdom utk further study di tanggung oleh Petronas. On that time i knew that i will not seeing him for about how many years. Yup raya terakhir yg aku ingat aderlah bersama dia, ayah dan aku jua, Sungguh menyayat hati. Then the last year aku raya tanpa dia hanya aku dan ayah. Yup i truely miss you.

I just want to say i'm proud that i'm your sister, your little sisters.
Please don't forget me??
Please be happy for me??
Please pray for my happiness.
I miss you
Hope Allah protecting you there
For your safety,
For Your Happiness

Happy Besday My Bro
13th July

* abg ketika adik menulis this entry, i'm crying
if our mother still alive, we will be happy is it

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