Monday, June 22, 2009

Facebook Quiz

Azila Bt Hussain Yerlah tue dapat 3 baby girl, i think in my womb right now is girl + boy (twins) (not sure) just says.....

Azila took the How many kids will you have? quiz and the result is 3 Girls

Oh my! What a noisy house you will have once these three start to get into clothes. From drama about a boy at school to a fight for who's going to borrow the pink sweater to the movies, you are going to have a lot on your plate!

Yup hari nie aku buka facebook, sejak bila pulak aku addicted to facebook, dah lamer aku ader facebook tpi tak berapa minat application dlm facebook, bnyk sngat dan sngat serabut.. aper2 pun my ex senior requested me to do this quiz " How many kids will you have" and the result quite mengejutkan, the result said i akan ader 3 children but they are all girls. tapi tak leh nak percaya benda nie punkan. harap2 my first baby is boy, if twins also better.. just angan2 jer. Yup aku mmg ade history twins that its me, but just aku jer yg still hidup. Tak kisahlah aper gender pun janji this baby sihat.

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