Thursday, February 26, 2009

MRSM Old Days

is it im the loser one???

Gambar kenangan di MRSM Kay-kay, really miss this KP3/95....actually also regret be in MRSM (not regretted to enter the MRSM) but regretted i choose to be that way........and the other is sbb ingat nak jauh dari family suppose,i pilih utk masuk Sekolah Permaisuri Bainun tpi sbb nak fight ngan my bro which entered MCKK so sya pilih MRSM.... klu dulu sya belajar elok2 maybe skrg dah kat overseas, staying theres. I dulu ader prinsip if "klu dah pandai, so smpai bila2 pun akan pandai selama lamanyer" is it???? the answers is totally wrong u kene ader sifat rajin, usaha tpi i just depends on the useless prinsip that bring me as a loser

Everyone had the story that bring them backward, forward or go beyond that... its how you inteperate urself??? who u want to be? the achievement......
The Answers is i'm not a loser, i still has my career not so good than them which became a doctor or others, but i'm still proud to be ME...

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