Thursday, February 5, 2009

ASTRO Projects

Astro...astro projek yang paling memenatkan pada tahun nie, tak larat betul mmg coorperation antara team projects mmg kurang (bukan team QS)

Projects Details :- Proposed Upgrading Existing Cafeteria & Central Garden at All Asia Broadcast Centre (ASTRO) Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Actually projek nie the 2nd projek yg aku assist paling susah, ader 2 phase:-

1. Phase 1 - Shell and Core (More to civil construction)
2. Phase 2 - Phase 2 Id & Fitout Works

Phase 1 dah on the award stage and for all your information UT projects which handling this project as the Projects Manager are very fussy on the budgets

With En Fizzy

Phase 2 dalam proses extracting the quantity out, doing the measurement but the Interior Designer gave us headache on the drawing,

1.not to scale drawing elevation to certain part (guess macamner nak buat taking off takkan main agak kot) klu estimate purposes takper nie utk tender (WE NEED ACCURATE ONE )
3. Mr Kennedy the designer always said will send the revised drawing but where is it, PLEASElah cooperate

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