Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 More Months.. (i'm counting mama)

Yup already in Oktober and 2 months to go,
my baby already growing and now counting the day he should be born,
hope everything will be fine,
the mama right now suffering heartburn,
baby still active and so naughty in hisplace of growing,
mama just want to say
baby mama luv u so much
and can't wait to see your chubby-chubby face,
whatever happened in the future u should know that,
i'm grateful to Allah that give me the best gift ever,
can't wait to touch u sayang,
can't wait to held your in my arms,
can't wait to breasfeed u,
can't wait to be ur mama,
everything with u are the precious moments ever,
be good boy ok,
i luv u with the whole universe can give to you,
i'm counting time now my baby,



u to know that mama luv u

1 comment:

a m b e r h u n n said...

Dear mama,

happy counting days..