Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 Months ~ I strong Enough to go for Interview

Dah 9 Months dan tunggu masa utk bersalin sahaja,
Tapi aku kuatkan semangat utk pergi interview,
I'm just trying my luck,
Mane tau rezeki baby,
I will got new job, new environment,
Who knows right,
What God prepared for us,
Still strong to walk,

Still strong to naik LRT,
Still strong to put a smile to every one i meet,
Yup i'm nervous coz this is my 1st ever interview,
With my condition like this,
Hope they understand,
I'm strong person

2 Datuk with 3 other associates interview me,
QS question are given to me to answer,
I prove that i mampu to work with them,
But they need a person to fill this vacancy fast,
Coz it is a fast track projects,
Anyway they will call me back after my maternity,
I kept their promise,
Anyway i'm happy,

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