Monday, July 18, 2011


Dah bulan July, happy with my life, my works and my family. Cume lately I'm quite down, cpat marah, cpat emo, huhuhu. Tgh pening kpala nak cari keje lain, yerlah aku tau aku takkan di buang keje kerna khidmat aku masih di perlukan sehingga selesainya Final Accounts utk semua sub con di setelkan. Well I know my position k, whether its important or not!!! Tired with all politics in this office, people is stabbing others back and its quit irritating. People who works hard not earn what they should have, why??, people who just do little and simple things get awarded. Huh don't like this a lot :(, well just go with the flow. Smile :)

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