Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emotion is Running On

Dah mid of June, more couple of weeks will be on the new month of July. Right now aku tgh counting months to settle my works. All my subcon are in the process of Final Account. A lot of conflicts between me and sub con, membuatkan aku fed up nak jadi qsan erm tapi apa nak buat kejelah nielah sumber rezeki aku. Hadapkan jerlah hope I will get new spirit, now I'm missing my old officemate and my contract manager. Really miss them. Kadang kala jer people akan appreciate keje aku, huhu pening, time hujung bulan sibuk tanya pasal cheque ada ke tak, rasa nak hempuk jer phone kat ofis, we all tak control the payment, we only control the certificate, so kejarlah Project Manager buat apa bambu QS. Nothing to say .......

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